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A forward thinking, strategy lead owner of a large private hire firm in London came to us and said he wanted a back-end system that would allow him and his staff to run his entire operation through one centralised system with layered permissions. This system is colossal and has taken months of planning, testing and execution. We have immersed ourselves in his company to understand every user angle and requirement of the system.

The system now allows all office staff to log in to see their hours, book holidays, swap shifts, pick up extra shifts and message each other directly. The management are able set work schedules and plan shifts, edit staff cards, approve shifts, create payrolls, log complaints… The whole office basically functions through this system. And the owner – he is able to keep an eye on everything remotely on his iPad!

If you would like to streamline your business, making yours and your staff’s lives easier with a bespoke online system, then give us a call at Wots the Big Idea. Call 01536 560 435.

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100% Bonafide!!

"WTBI came to the rescue with their usual panache, recommending a mobile-friendly redesign for the client, Stewart Fraser.

With Trudie as my trusty point of contact from design and build to launch we were able to discuss and implement web solutions that fitted the marketing brief.

The result is a great looking site that is already out-performing the old one. Job done!"

Lisa Stenhouse, Fluent Ginger

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