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A Flying Start Nursery

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A flying start had been burned by one of those companies who create a one-size fits all website that you never actually own… Ouch! Enter Wots the Big Idea who then create a website designed to a bespoke brief that’s everything they want (and a bit more), for less money over all, that they actually own and can now do whatever they like with.

A Flying Start now have a content management system, a password protected parent portal, a responsive site that is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile, and basically a website that reflects their personality and the level of care that they offer their children. Easy! It’s just what we do!! See for yourself at or find them on page one of Google under ‘Huntingdon nursery’!

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Does your website need a metaphoric Lemsip?

Does your website need a metaphoric Lemsip?

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Client Testimonials

"Renewing your website is a daunting task. Trudie Avery and the team at Wots the Big Idea helped smooth the way, explaining the technical details of construction with clarity and coherence. Patiently encouraging our input and guiding us through the build process until finally we made it! Well, we didn’t actually make the website; WTBI did because that’s what they do best!"

Paul Southward, Director of Tax Services, Keens Shay Keens Limited

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