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Valassis Infographic


Valassis came to us with a PowerPoint presentation and asked ‘What can we do with this?’

So what can we do to put a load of statistical information across in a way that looks interesting, engaging and will work across many channels on the internet? Well, it seemed completely obvious to me… An infographic of course!

When a human’s brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, the infographic is the speediest way to put your point across.

The infographic is being used as an information tool on Valassis’ website and also works in conjunction with an email marketing campaign to promote a ‘BOGOF’ deal they are running with the Daily Mail to sell coupons. Did it work? Well within 5 minutes of sending out the email, the phones started ringing so the sales department was too busy to speak to us for a testimonial…!

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Why do infographics make great marketing tools?

Why do infographics make great marketing tools?

  Here are just a few reasons why infographics should be part of your content marketing strategy….! If you’re looking for some help with your content marketing, give us a Read more >>

Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

100% Bonafide!!

"The look and feel of the website WTBI created was head and shoulders above that suggested by the other web designers we spoke to and the functionality allowed us to expand our business quickly. Since we began 4 years ago, we have enhanced the information section of the main website, increased the product functionality and added a Wordpress blog - all of which were designed and implemented by the team at WTBI.

Feedback about the website was consistently positive - even when it was over 3 years old. So when the time came to go mobile-friendly, there was no question of looking elsewhere. WTBI have rebuilt and refreshed their original design to work on mobile while keeping the branding and customer functionality consistent.

The new website sits on OpenCart 2.0 and Wordpress, which gives us the functionality and flexibility to update both the site and the products without the need for major changes. So now it’s up to us to outgrow this version of the this space!"

Jae, ScratchSleeves

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